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Accommodations in Boston Bar, British Columbia

A summary of places to stay in Boston Bar

Boston Bar Motels

The Mighty Fraser Motel - +01 1 (604) 8679296

50865 Trans-Canada Hwy

Canyon Alpine Motel - +01 1 (604) 8679295

50530 Trans Canada Hwy

Boston Bar Campsites / RV Parks

Canyon Alpine RV Park & Campground - +01 1 (604) 8679734

50490 Trans Canada Hwy

Anderson Creek Campground - +01 1 (604) 8679089

Trans-canada Hwy

REO Rafting Resort - +01 1 (604) 4617238

Nahatlach River

REO is located on a canyon ledge overlooking the beautiful Nahatlatch River, the perfect setting for camping in your own tent or camper. Enjoy an amazing view of the jade-green pools and whitewater rapids of the Nahatlatch River right from your own .....

Canyon Alpine RV Park and Campground - +01 1 (604) 8679734

50490 Trans Canada Hwy, Box 339

We are situated right smack in the middle of the Fraser Canyon in beautiful British Columbia with lots of rivers, lakes and hiking trails. We,as your hosts, will make sure you are comfortable camping here and with the right information for you to .....

Blue Lake Resort - +01 1 (604) 8679246

2-63452 Blue Lake Road

Your hosts Jim Findlay and family invite your family to come experience tranquility at Blue Lake Resort. We are located approximately 15km north of Boston Bar. Blue Lake is truly a place apart from the highways and busy traffic just one hour to .....

Canyon Alpine RV Park and Campground